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"People always say, being a procrastinator is like being a nothing, well here I am" - Jonny

Life of a Procrastinator is a satire-clicker(ish) procrastination simulator where you play as Jonny, a young adult man who is stuck in the torment of procrastinating this weekend YOU will be playing Jonny and trying to become the ultimate Procrastinator!

- Procrastinate on your trusty machine and earn sweet points along the way

- Balance your Interest and Energy meter

- DO you agree that sleeping is for sissies? Well, don't! Your trusty Freezer contains enough Junk  fulfilling foods to keep you awake!

- Will you become the Lord of Procrastinators?

- A and D | Left and Right Movement respectively

- E | Sleep in Bed (prompt)

- 1, 2, 3, 4 | Respective Junk

- Space | Start/ Stop Procrastinating

- Any Key | Procrastinate

Known Issues:
- "Win" does not have its own image
- The Pop-Ups for winning/ losing the game don't stop the game in the background
- Some sounds (mysteriously) don't play, this includes a fatigue/ death sound
- No way to reset in game (my bad for this one, sorry guys :(, )

The main reason there are so many issues for things such as running out of Energy or Interest or Winning the Game is due to the fact that implementing a fail state was a very late development thought and before I knew it I only had ~ 3 - 4 hours to add this feature. The only way to restart the game is by reloading the page (again sorry)

On a Personal Note:
I absolutely loved this experience. This was my very first Compo and Game in general and I had an absolute blast. From the concept to the code all the way to the £1 pizza it was great fun throughout. I learned a lot from this challenge and I hope at the end of the day I can entertain you with my very janky but working game :)

Made withUnity
TagsLudum Dare 40
Average sessionA few minutes
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